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Hallomega is the blog of Christopher Hall

I moved to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand almost ten years ago after twenty-five years in Tasmania. I have lived and worked in the UK, Thailand and Australia, and have been lucky to have travelled extensively for more than thirty years –  around the world six or seven times, to fifty or sixty countries, and to all continents apart from Antarctica.

At various times in my life I have been a school teacher, an officer in the Australian army, an amateur theatre director and designer, an events manager and a senior education administrator.  Now retired.

My interests, perhaps not surprisingly, include travelling, photography and writing, as well as skiing, opera, theatre and swimming.

The “omega” part of the blog and the email address dates back a few years.  It is not “Hallo! Mega!” or a very big hello to you, too.

I used to do quite a lot of drawing and some painting – and it is fine to sign a full name to such works.  Later on I did some graphic design work and  set designs for amateur theatre etc where a full name would be inappropriate, so I adopted the Greek letter Ω as my trade mark – or as some would have it – my Hallmark.  It was easy to sneak the Ω into quiet corners and so I would know that the design was mine … but it would not be obvious to others.  So!  My secret is out!  If you find a painting that looks like a Rembrandt, or a design for an ingenious machine that looks like a Da Vinci … play sleuth with a magnifying glass just in case there is a “Ω” hidden there somewhere.


CSH with my brother, Paul, skiing in NZ


People CSH 1 Bellingham 08

CSH working on a friend’s vineyard in Tasmania

Contact Chris via email on hallomega@netspace.net.au



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hallomega……….this is the Oriental Twit here, hope this is going where it is supposed to……………cheers.


  2. Really enjoying your blogs Chris. Love the sound of the President Inn. See you soon at Rossy’s and John’s we hope. Regards Lyn S


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